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You know what you want. We provide the inspiration for you to achieve it.

Inner Cosmetics is about awakening your inner wisdom and harnessing the power of your mind to achieve more financial wealth, happiness, health and success in your life.

Words play a vital role in creating our reality. This is why the company speaks and wears positive words of power.

For any issue in life you're experiencing, you already have the answers. You were BORN with an internal guide; a roadmap on how to navigate the Earth plane. We just have to remember how to tap into this ability.

At Inner Cosmetics, our purpose is to serve, if just for a moment in time, as your guide. Together, we will reconnect you with your Inner Wisdom so you can flow with life and experience the success and wealth you deserve.


Your #1 key to health, love, prosperity and success.

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African Shirt, Power to the people shirt

Inspirational Shirt Collection

We're excited to release our inspirational shirt collection. Exclusive designs made for you to keep you inspired.

Words are art and they paint a picture that impresses your consciousness. Surround yourself with positive affirmations to remind you to relax, let go and allow life to flow for you.


Unisex Designed Apparel

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