About Us

Inner Cosmetics was founded by creators, Mike Craddock, a former Secret Service Agent and his sibling, Elle Benét, a former officer of the Central Intelligence Agency. and now full time Coach and podcast host for Inner Cosmetics.

Mike and Elle's diverse backgrounds, provided a lens.

Through the Inner Cosmetics brand, they are here to share the joy of living, and how the relentless embodiment of unconditional love paves the way to success and wealth.

"The path of awakening is not about becoming who you are.  Rather it is unbecoming who you are not".

-Albert Schweitzer

Elle is author of the Masterpiece, "They Made Me Do It", and cofounder of the mindfulness brand, Inner Cosmetics.

Raised in a cult, she began truth seeking at an early age. Curiosity of the outside world led to leaving some family behind and, for the first time, venture beyond the confines of the sheltered community, eventually onboarding with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) with what would become a ten + year career.

Her experience behind the walls of this high-profile Agency further expanded her heart. 

In time, she left the Corporate World to explore life by fully following her heart. As life blossomed more, she began supporting others with connecting to their heart space and living life from within.

Elle states, "Each progression in life provides the momentum that sustains me even through times of opportunity (formerly known as challenges)."