Meet Elle, the remarkable force behind our company. As an accomplished author, spiritual coach, and financial guide, she brings a unique blend of wisdom and expertise to every aspect of her work.

Elle's literary masterpiece, "They Made Me Do It," captivates readers with its thought-provoking narrative. Additionally, as a co-founder of Inner Cosmetics, the renowned mindfulness brand, she empowers individuals to unlock their inner potential and embrace a more fulfilling life.

Her journey began in extraordinary circumstances. Raised in a cult, Elle's innate curiosity led her on a lifelong quest for truth. Breaking free from the confines of her sheltered community, she embarked on a remarkable path that eventually led her to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). For over a decade, she served with distinction, gaining invaluable experience within this prestigious institution. It was here, behind the walls of the CIA, that her heart expanded, shaped by the challenges and revelations she encountered.

Throughout her personal and professional journey, Elle discovered the power of spiritual guidance. This transformative force enabled her to not only maximize her financial success within the CIA but also to pave the way for her ultimate liberation. With unwavering determination, she independently raised her two children while mastering the intricacies of the financial realm, using her 9-5 as a stepping stone towards financial freedom.

Today, Elle channels her vast knowledge and profound insights to empower others. Whether guiding individuals toward financial abundance, offering spiritual coaching, or sharing her captivating stories through her writing, she is dedicated to helping people thrive in all aspects of their lives

Join Elle on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery and unlock the limitless potential within you.